We Don’t Die, We Multiply

One of the most famous lines from a popular 90’s movie, BeBe’s kids has now become my anthem for the remainder of 2010. “We Don’t Die, We Multiply.” When I speak about death, Im not speaking of a physical death, but rather a spiritual and emotional death. How many times have I been on the verge of “death,” plenty. I think we all get to the place of being discontented , discourage, defeated and any other “D” you can think of. When I think of someone that was on the verge of death, I think of Simon Peter. He just denied Jesus 3 times. The bible said that after that Peter weeped bitterly. The reason why is b/c he ended up in a place that he never thought he would be. I have been there plenty times, asking myself, “How did I get to this place?”He could have given up and went back to fishing, but He didnt allow himself to die. But why didnt Peter die?

1. He loved God too much to give up

2. He didnt have anything to go back to

3. He didnt allow his past to dictate his future

And because Peter didnt give up, God used him to reach thousands. He went from addition to multiplication because he didnt die. Maybe there are things that have tried to cause division, and some things might have been subtracted from you, you might have even added somethings along the way. But if we would just stay the course, God will bring the Multiplication.

“we dont die, we multiply”

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  1. This needs to be spread around the world!!!

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