What I say when I S.P.E.A.K. to myself


If you knew me, you would know that I am one of the most competitive people you will ever meet. I will gladly compete in any and every competition possible. In fact, I will even make up a game, just so I can compete with someone, anyone. I even love to challenge myself to become better or faster at things that I do. I eventually end up becoming my own biggest competitor. There’s nothing wrong with that, is there? With often being my own biggest competitor, I can often become my own biggest discourager. Do you ever find yourself becoming your biggest critic and discourager? I think we need to take it easy on ourselves. So to counter that I have not become my “My own greatest encourager.” How do I do that? It’s happens when I “S.P.E.A.K. to myself.” Notice, I didn’t say “talk to myself.” Even though we all do that from time to time. I S.P.E.A.K. to myself. I

If you could have a conversation with yourself, what would you say to yourself? This is me talking to myself. Apply to your own life whatever fits for you:

(S)top “Trying Harder” – You get yourself in the most trouble mentally and spiritually when you start believing that “trying harder” is the key to building your relationship with God. At times you think if you read more, pray more, give more, be stronger, etc., that you will be more accepted by God and please him more (although we can always read, pray, give etc. more) . Then when you don’t reach the standards that you think you have to reach, you start beating yourself up. Stop acting as if you can “earn” the acceptance and approval of God. Jesus paid the price so that you wouldn’t have to “try harder” to be more righteous. You simply need to allow Christ to work thorough you to accomplish what he wants to accomplish. You’re not strong enough so stop “trying harder” to be. In your weakness, His strength is made perfect.

(P)eople are important- No matter how many times you have been hurt or disappointed by people, you have to remember that people are important. You cant make it on your own. Even though I can understand why you would want to isolate your self at times, RESIST THE URGE. “Isolation is the devils playground. Stay close to people that will love you, build you, and make you want to be better.

(E)veryday is a New Beginning- Joe, you make plenty of mistakes on a daily basis. You don’t always say the right things or make the right choices, but you can start fresh tomorrow. That can’t ever be an excuses to live reckless because you know that God is gracious. But you can know that His mercies are new every morning. What does that mean? It means, to “Leave that past in the past”.

(A)lways Be Grateful- Can you think of the amount of times that you have complained today versus the amount of times you said thank you? It’s so easy to complain for different things. How does that make you different than the world? You have to be grateful. Every time you want to complain about something, change your mentality and say, “Thank you Jesus”. I want to challenge you to even thank God for the suffering, the trials, and the problems you are facing. You have to trust in the sovereignty of God and know that He will work it out for your good and for your development.

(K)eep Moving Forward- My life is a PROJECT, been through the PROCESS/fought many battles/Thank God I aint DIED YET/ There’s so many different things i can’t  DIGEST/like God not letting me fall or even DIGRESS. (Im just freestyling). Just remember that slow progress is always better than “no progress”. You are not in competition with anyone. just keep moving forward and continue to be all that God has called you to be. When you make mistakes, just repent, get back up, and KEEP MOVING FORWARD! 

I want to challenge you to S.P.E.A.K. to yourself.