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Performance Enhancers

I was watching sportscenter today and I saw an interview with former MLB player Mark McGuire, finally admitting to using performance enhancing drugs. He was saying that he didnt use them for performance enhancement but so that the drugs can help his beatdown body to heal fast. I am not going to say whether I believe him or not, but this story triggered something inside of me.

There is a reason that many athletes are coming out saying that they used steroids. I believe they used those drugs to enhance their performances. Everyone desires to be the best in everything that we do. We want to succeed and we want to prosper in all that we do. In business, family, ministry, finances, and more. There are some things that will prevent us from having success and there are certain things that will enhance our “performances.”

1. Set Goals- It is always important to set tangible goals. I once heard a man say that ” A dream is a goal with a deadline.” If we set goals that will challenge us to grow but at the same time are tangible, we will see ourselves performing better in things that we do. It will also benefit us if we share our goals with someone that can keep us accountable to them. Not with everyone, but with a trustworthy few.

2. Surround yourself with successful people- A man once said,” show me who youre hanging around, and Ill tell you where you will be in 5 years.” That statement is so true. You are who you surround yourself with. Many times people want to be the “big fish” in a small pond. There is a time and a season for that. But for true growth and development, we often should surround ourselves with people who are at where we want to be. That is a humbling time. But the person that knows the least, grows the most. We will benefit more by being around wiser and more experienced people that us.

3. Stop and evaluate- For us to really be successful its always important to stop and evaluate at times. We cant expect to go at 100mph 100% of the time. I picture 2 men competing with each other to see who could chop down their trees the fastest with their ax. One man keeps going at it non stop. He eventually gets tired and his ax head eventually gets dull. The 2nd person stops periodically and rest, sharpens his ax, and asks himself what can he do better. Although he lost time with the stops he made. He doesnt have to work as hard and he also has more energy to use. So we should always take time to evaluate.

There are of course more things that will enhance our performance in life, our finances and more, but those were just a few…

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Every year early in the month of January, we all make new years Resolutions. Its funny cause January and February are the biggest months for 24 hour fitness, bally, and la fitness, cause everyone makes a commitment to get in shape for the new year. But the other day when i went to the gym, i asked him when do people usually stop going to the gym after the make a new commitment to start going. He told me that usually the 1st week of March. We are now, (believe it or not) in the 1st week of March already! 

I made a decision that i will no longer make new years resolutions, but from now on im going to make NEW Years REVOLUTIONS!!! a revolution is a change or a turnaround. in order for our goals in life to get accomplished we have to do a few things.

1. Get the vision. 

2. Set a date for this vision to be accomplished. A man once said that a goal is nothing more than a dream with a deadline.

3. Write them down. i have learned that a pen and paper have a better memory than i do.

4. Tell someone (not everyone) your vision. they will keep you accountable.

5. Get small victories towards your ultimate goal.

6. Live the words of winston churchill,” Dont give up, Dont give up, Dont give up!!!

i want to live a life of making Revolutions in every area of my life! 

Until next time, this is the Word on the Street…revolution

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